Top 5 Home Fire Safety Tips

11 Jun Top 5 Home Fire Safety Tips

ImageThis year, don’t let your family’s summer celebrations go up in smoke. Get ready with home fire protection by following these home fire safety tips to keep your family safe.

  1. Cook with Caution. Nearly half of all home fires are cooking-related, says the NFPA. Keep a fire extinguisher ready to battle open flames on the stove or splattered cooking oil. The extinguisher should be rated for both grease and electrical fires. To use it, remember the acronym P.A.S.S.: Pull the pin. Aim the nozzle at the fire’s base. Squeeze the nozzle to spray. Sweep back and forth while spraying the fire’s base.
  2. Never Leave Swamp Coolers Unattended. Cooling systems can easily ignite. Turn coolers off before leaving a room or going out. Never leave pets or children unsupervised with the swamp cooler.
  3. Check your Electrical Cords. Faulty, cracked or deteriorating electrical cords can shoot sparks onto flammable surfaces and quickly start a fire. Check all your electrical cords for fraying or other signs of wear. Do not overload circuits; use a power strip instead.
  4. Replace Open-flame Candles with LED Tea Lights. With flammable holiday decorations covering tabletops and mantles, lighting real candles can be an invitation to disaster. Instead, choose battery-operated candles, like LED tea lights. They flicker just like the real thing and are an important part of home fire protection.
  5. Test Your Smoke Detectors. Stay safe by installing a smoke detector on every floor in your house. If possible, each bedroom should also have its own detector for added home fire protection. Replace the batteries twice per year and practice family fire drills.

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