What Security One Customers Are Saying

02 May What Security One Customers Are Saying

ImagePeople talk, they always have. The more people talk and gossip the harder it is to figure out what is true and what is false. There is good news in trying to figure out what home alarm company to sign up with. Its that consumers are smarter than ever before, and are using all the online tools at their disposal, including review sites, to voice their opinion. In fact, there are even some sites that specifically focus on complaints, and they are great resources for comparative shopping. Plus, you can learn a lot in a short time. Today you can check online reviews for just about any company – even the ones who knock on your door, offering a deal you cannot refuse: just remember: you really want to do your homework before you sign up.

Specific Sites to Visit

Some of the popular sites like google.com and google+ have rating systems, and users can apply a score along with a detailed description of their experience. Other sites like  Angie’s List are membership review site, where their subscribers can share detailed notes about a wide range of service providers. Sites like pissedconsumer.com allows customers to complain about different organizations, while sites like trustlink.org provide a unique forum for consumers to review companies but to also interact with each other to get the inside scoop. Good news is Security One has great reviews on all of them.

It’s no surprise that nothing beats the power and convenience of on-line customer testimonials. Customer reviews are simply the best way to compare companies and see what actual users have to say about their providers. This fact holds especially true when protecting your home and family, since you definitely want to choose the company with the best and latest technology, and the highest service level: all that spells peace of mind, which you deserve. And speaking of great reviews, here are a couple that Security One has recently received:

  1. “I just switched over from ADT to Security One last week and I absolutely love them! I switched due to the price and because they don’t charge for service calls. Adt was always raising their rates and they always charged me for service calls. Security One is definitely a company I will recommend to everyone!”
  2. “I switched to Security One from ADT because on the money I would save! I’m so glad I switched because I save over $10 a month now with Security One. Usually when you save money it means you take a hit in other services as well, but to my surprise I actually get better customer service with Security One than I did before I made the switch! They have been very helpful, and offer me all the services I need. I highly recommend them if you are looking to get an alarm in your home.”

We are very pleased with all of our great reviews.  We are able to obtain so many great reviews all over the internet because we create a relationship of trust with our clients and treat them the same way we would want to be treated. Security One is committed to your happiness and security – based on Building Trust on the up front.

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  • Dawn Michaels
    Posted at 20:49h, 08 May

    Great blog post! You guys have great reviews because you are a great security company!