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As a business owner, you know how important it is to mitigate risk. Everything in life comes with some sort of risk involved. The trick is to make educated decisions about when and where you need to make the effort to protect yourself. After all, you didn’t build your business by throwing away money and time on unnecessary expenditures. Now that you have established your business, security systems will help to protect what you have earned.

Protect Your Business

Unfortunately, your business is 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized if it is not outfitted with commercial security monitoring services. Not only does an security equipment and alarm system protect your business from fire damage, burglary, and other costly troubles, it covers you in terms of liability. For example, if a client’s personal information is stolen, an alarm system can help absolve you of liability, demonstrating that you did take precautionary measures to protect that information.

In addition to all that, an alarm can significantly reduce your insurance costs (business protection and property owners insurance), saving you on monthly premiums. A commercial security system reduces the insurance company’s risk to cover you. In many cases, they will pass the savings onto their clients. Contact your agent and ask about lowering your bill.

Remotely Secure Your Property

With remote control features that integrate with smart phones, a business owner can rest assured knowing he doesn’t have to rely on the last guy out of the office to lock up. He can now do it remotely from the comfort of his own home with our wireless locks feature. In the event that an employee happens to be in the office still when the boss activates, the employee can use a per-determined code to deactivate. This is one of many benefits to having a business security system with remote 24-hour monitoring. Nothing can replace the peace of mind knowing your assets are protected.

If an employee does trip the system and has no way of canceling, the monitoring service can speak with him through the control panel. They will contact you to ask about the employee still at the office and verify that everything is OK. These measures prevent false alarm from being sent to the local authorities.  False alarms can be costly!

Save on Commercial Monitoring with Security One

If you want a state-of-the-art system for a price your business can afford, Security One is your first choice. You cannot beat our commercial security systems and monitoring service, in terms of bang for your buck. With our quality equipment, client satisfaction, and prices, the choice is very simple…Security One – Protecting America!



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