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Google Plus Business Review: Security One Alarm Company!Google-Plus-Business

Loni-Lee_nLoni LeeStar-Ratings
“I love Security One! They are a great company. I have my business and home security systems by Security One! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a excellent security system. They are there for you when you need them. That makes me feel confident and safe. Thank you Security One!”


Martin_Arsovski_GooglePlusMartin ArsovskiStar-Ratings

“This alarms and security systems make me feel like Obama. I have one which is in my house and I’m free of cares. No more risk. I recommend Security One Alarm Company…”



Piero_Valdizan_GooglePlusPiero ValdizanStar-Ratings
“My home was burglarized while I had an ADT security system. They never called nor responded when the alarm was triggered. I was SUPER UPSET so i canceled ADT and switched to Security One. Security One has been nothing but the best, I have now been with them for 3 years and have loved their great service and friendly technicians. I have since recommended them to all of my Family and friends and strongly recommend Security One. btw if you have ADT switch to Security One”


Artavius_Hill_GooglePlacesArtavius HillStar-Ratings
“Security One Company In Los Angeles has set up an effective and efficient alarm system for my property and it works great in securing my home”



YELP Reviews: Security One Company Customer’s ReviewYelp-150x150

Jojo_A_YelpJojo A.Star-Ratings
“I was referred to Security One by a neighbor of mine. They absolutely loved them! I decided to do some research of my own before signing up. I saw that they were an A Rated company by the BBB but I did see some negative reviews on Yelp.

I was a little reluctant to go with Security One due to these reviews but my neighbor raved about them. I decided to have a rep come to my come home and he was the nicest guy! He was patient with me and very courteous. I signed up with Security One 1 year ago and I absolutely love them! I don’t know how anyone can say anything negative about them because they have gone above and beyond for me. I have referred two people to them and they have had a great experience as well.”


Alan-A_YelpAlan A.Star-Ratings
“I’ve had Security One for years now and I’ve never had any issues with them. They have excellent customer service and my home feels and is protected. I’ve never had any issues and I have an excellent monthly rate! Couldn’t find better prices anywhere else, I also love the fact that it will never increase. I would recommend security one to anyone!”


Dan_M_YelpDan M.Star-Ratings
“I was blown away by the customer service the phone support people provided. I have to say that I was nervous about the “no rate hike” marketing, but they kept their promise. Recommend.”



Deanne-P_YelpDeanne P.Star-Ratings
“I decided to cancel our ADT alarm monitoring for many reasons, mainly due to exorbitant costs for basic service. I Google searched alarm companies in the area and found Security One on yelp. They had excellent reviews so I called and made an appointment. The representative who answered the phone on Saturday was courteous and very knowledgeable. I scheduled an appointment first thing Monday morning.

Noah VanZee showed up and wowed me and my husband with his expert knowledge and friendly and courteous disposition. I must mention, my husband was furious that I had canceled our ADT service because he wasn’t too trusting of other alarm companies? However, after he met Noah he was pleasantly surprised. He is a hard man to please so that means Noah has special talents!

Thanks Noah for being so great! You saved me. icon_smile The monthly contract price is very reasonable and includes maintenance, plus they will never raise the monthly fee for any reason ever…it clearly states it on the contract. I’m a happy customer.”


Maylee_H_YelpMaylee H.Star-Ratings
“We had our system installed after several reported break-ins in our neighborhood and we’re so glad we did because last week, three doors down, our neighbors got their house broken into. It’s not that we live in a bad neighborhood, it’s opportunists that see an easy target so they do it! Everyone is a target! Whether you live in “”the hood”” or in Beverly Hills.

Our system was installed pretty quickly. And the technician, Noah, was really nice and patient with us. He walked us through where he was going to put the sensors (see pics) and how to operate the system via home, phone and computer!! That’s right, you can monitor your surveillance thru your phone and activate it (if you rush out the house forgetting to do it) or disarm it if you are out of town and wanted someone to come in (without them knowing your password) I know it sounds a bit complicated but trust me, I’m no techy person and once they illustrate it for you, it’s pretty easy.

We are super happy with our system and not to mention we got a home insurance discount. Not much, I think 10%, but savings is savings.

Hope this helps because I know there are many companies out there and it’s hard to pick one that you can count on. My mom had this company (Solo) and they were awful! Drilled holes everywhere, their sensors and panels were ugly and ginormous, and the costumer service dismal! So we were afraid to get one but my sister has been a client of theirs for the last 6 years and she loves them. Now we do! icon_wink

Besides food and shelter, nothing is better in life than to feel safe and protected. Thanks Security One!”



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