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If you could afford a personal security guard for your home, you would probably pay for it but as you know, it is not feasible.  With Security One’s home security monitoring service you have the next best thing at a price anyone can afford.  Our home security system ensures your home is always protected, even when you are asleep or absent.  With fast emergency response time, as well as advanced wireless equipment geared to detect dangerous irregularities in your home, Security One is your best option for home security.  Find out why so many choose us for home security monitoring services.

Security One’s Residential Monitoring Services

When emergencies happen, it’s best to have an ally that can get you through it.  Our state-of-the-art monitoring services allow us to detect immediately where the alarm was triggered and what kind of alarm was triggered, so that you can react fast to the potential crisis.  For instance, if it’s a smoke detector on the south side of the home, you immediately know you and your family need to escape the fire through the north side of your house.  We confirm the fire (or other emergency) with you and contact the fire department (and in other cases, the appropriate authorities) to assist you with the emergency.

Just remember, residences that do not have home security monitoring services are three times more likely to be burglarized compared to homes with active alarm systems.  In addition to that, the responses time of emergency crews is much faster on average with alarm monitoring coverage, particularly when no one is home (because the authorities may not get a call until the neighbor notices the fire).

Personalized Protection

Not only do we know your alarm configuration, we have passwords and code words that we establish with our customers so you can communicate that you are in danger without having to say that you are in danger.  Our installation will be customized to your home so that you get the ideal protection for your vulnerable sports.

If you are among our elderly customers, take advantage of the medical alert device.  You can contact us in the case of an accident and save yourself a lot of trouble.  It is better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.  We urge you to consider this option well before you think it is a necessary option.  You may be able to get around extremely well, but a slip can happen to anyone and you may be surprised how your body responds to this kind of common accident.

Superior Monitoring Service

With numerous ways to customize your alarm system, we are sure to come up with an affordable and satisfactory arrangement for your home. Please contact a Security One representative today by Calling 888-584-5152 or feel free to fill out Instant Quote form above, and find out all about the advantages of our home security monitoring services.



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