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One of the many benefits that come with a home alarm system is better risk management.  Homeowner’s insurance is expensive because of the risk they take on in covering your property.  A home security system reduces their risk of coverage, which means you should be eligible for savings on your monthly premiums, depending on your carrier.

Discounts Fluctuate among Providers

Of course, every home, neighborhood, and provider is different so we cannot tell you how much you will save, but typically it is between 10-20% off your monthly premiums.  In this tough economy, protect your hard-earned belongings and your family at the lowest cost possible.  The savings you achieve on your homeowners insurance make a new alarm system all the more attractive.

Contact your representative from your insurance agency to find out what kind of discount you may be eligible for.  Security One can provide you with a certificate that verifies your home is protected with our monitoring services and wireless equipment.

Tips for Insurance Savings Related to Home Security

There are other ways to save insurance, outside of the burglary and fire protection we offer at Security One.  You may already qualify for some of these credits and do not even realize it.

1 – Gated Communities – a great deterrent against unwanted intruders, community gates may decrease your monthly premiums.  Check with your agency.

2 – Homeowners Associations – typically neighborhoods with organizations like HOAs and Neighborhood Watch are safer than they would be otherwise.  If you don’t have either of these kinds of organizations, it’s not too late for you to take the lead and make it happen.

3 – Non-Smoker Credit – as if you did not have enough reasons to quit smoking, you may be able to lower your homeowners insurance premiums.  Cigarettes are the leading cause of home fire fatalities.  Kick the habit, save money, and save your life.

Lower Your Premiums – Protect Against Claims

Insurance-00158984-300x195Maybe one of the best ways to save on monthly insurance premiums is by never making a claim.  If you home is protected by a Security One alarm system, the likelihood of you making a claim is greatly reduced.  When you avoid making claims, your insurance company is able to cover you at a lower cost. They may pass those savings onto you through your monthly bill.

Over time, they will see more and more how little you have cost them.  As one of their great customers, they will do what they can to keep your business and continue to lower your premiums, relative to the market.  Don’t be shy.  Go ahead and call them now to remind them how great of a customer you are and that you think you should be eligible for a discount in the near future.

Save big on your monthly insurance premiums by purchasing a Security One home alarm system!



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