The Break Before the New Year

28 Dec The Break Before the New Year

The break before the New Year. Awwww what a wonderful time of year when we can relax and enjoy time with our family, enjoy some good eats and delicious foods, go to the theater and watch one of the many good movies released for the holidays, travel, or just kick back and do nothing at all. Sounds wonderful right?

Still there is a dark underbelly of this time of year that is far to often forgotten and over looked or possible just ignored completely because we don’t want to look the ugly truth in the face. This is the home invasions increase this time of year by nearly 30% and that homes are almost 60% more likely to catch on fire during this time of year. Why do we ignore this? How sad that we ignore these dangers rather than taking the proper preventative measures to protect against them.

Its simple really. A home burglar alarm is the best way to protect your home against break ins. And of course a home fire system is the best way to protect you home against fires. So why not do them together rather than paying for them separately? Security One offers the best in home security! Our systems connect you directly to an operating center that is monitoring your home 24 hours a day so you get full coverage protection from the police the fire department and the paramedics! Don’t settle for less contact Security One today @ (855) 229-9733 or go online to

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