So You’re Moving? Let Us Help

14 May So You’re Moving? Let Us Help

We talk to people each year who want an alarm system to protect their home, but are holding off because they think they may have to move soon. Renters definitely fall in this category – they know they won’t be in that same rental home forever. Considering today’s mobile society, chances are your current home won’t be your last. So does that mean you miss out on the safety and security of an alarm system?

You Own It!

Your alarm system is an important investment, and you should never have to sacrifice it or start over when you move. You’re already familiar with the operation of your current system, and hopefully it’s customized specifically for your home and your lifestyle. With Security One, you own the system and we certainly hope you’ll take it with you! Or move to your new home and let us put a matching new system into your new home.


Moving Is Easier with Security One

The main thing to remember about any home alarm: It’s supposed to be easy. At Security One we take simplicity very seriously. No other alarm company makes it so easy to move your system to a new home. All our components are small, light-weight and built for portability. They’re also self-contained, especially with a cellular radio which allows you to never have to worry about connecting it to your phone or internet line. (And you never have to worry about a burglar cutting your phone line to bring down your security system.) You don’t even need to own a phone – of any kind. All you need in the new location is a single bar of cellular coverage. It’s incredibly rare that we find locations without adequate coverage, especially with three types of cellular networks to choose from (AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon).

What to Do When You Move

Here are the 3 simple steps for moving your alarm system with Security One:

  • Tell us you are moving
  • Decide if you want a new system in your new home or if you want to keep your current sytsem.
  • Let us know when you get to your new home, so we can schedule a trained technician to set up your system in whatever manner best suits you.

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