Safety Is the Priority

21 May Safety Is the Priority

If you’re shopping for a home security system, obviously your first priority is the safety of your home and family. You might assume that all alarm systems are fairly equal in this regard. Well, that may have been true ten years ago. But in the last few years, the best home security providers have embraced new technology to make significant advances in alarm system safety and reliability.

A home security system must be reliable to effectively keep you safe. You depend on the system to keep working, even under adverse conditions. Unfortunately many common occurrences like bad weather or power outages can disable traditional security systems. Burglars have also learned a few simple tricks that can quickly render your system useless.


Critical to Home Security

To understand the missing safety link in some home security systems – and the safer solution – let’s take a look at basic alarm system functionality:

  1. Security sensors placed around the home detect potential threats (i.e. window breaking)
  2. The sensor triggers an alert to the system’s control unit
  3. The control unit sends an alert to the central monitoring station
  4. Monitoring personnel at the station send help, if needed

Obviously a failure at any point in this chain of events could disrupt the alarm system’s ability to do its job. But in many home security systems, the common point of failure occurs in Step 3 – when the system’s control unit fails to send an alert to the central monitoring station. If this line of communication is broken, your alarm system will be unable to signal for help when you need it.

Fortunately, wireless technology has finally taken hold in the home security industry. A wireless system is easier to set up and operate, as well as safer. Obviously, a wireless solution eliminates the problem described above. Your wireless home security system will keep working, even under conditions that would bring most systems down – like an intruder with wire-cutters. The wireless functionality is virtually tamper-proof.


If you purchase a safe home security system with cellular monitoring, the cellular signaling device will come built into the control unit. You do not need to own a cell phone. You do not even need to have great cellular coverage in your area. While a voice conversation requires a fairly strong cellular signal, the signal strength required to transmit an alarm system alert is very low. The home security company will test out your signal in advance, to assure a safe connection with the monitoring station. The cellular monitoring system works well in most regions of the U.S., even in rural areas. In fact, cellular monitoring is the perfect solution for people who don’t have landline phones at home.

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