Prevent Crime, Loss, and Heartache

10 May Prevent Crime, Loss, and Heartache

ImageFew burglars are looking to make their jobs more difficult by adding variety and risk. Instead they want easy targets and easy money. Burglars want to get in and out fast, with items they can easily convert to cash. They don’t want time-consuming, complicated break-ins, involving dogs and alarm systems. Stats confirm crooks stick to their simple routines, using the tactics that have worked for them in the past. If one home presents risky obstacles, they’ll move on to the next.

Here are a few tips to help make your home unappealing to burglars:

  • Lock doors and windows. Unlocked homes offer an open invitation!
  • Keep lights on, hopefully following an irregular schedule, to simulate activity within
  • Coordinate with your neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s property
  • Hide your valuables – and get creative. Burglars know the common hideaways, like drawers
  • Hide keys, too, so your car doesn’t join the burglar’s take
  • Use a safe and make sure it’s not easily portable; burglars sometimes cart safes away with them
  • Make sure you’ve listed all your valuables with your insurance company
  • ID your tools with an engraver and record serial numbers for your electronics
  • Store your firearms safely out of sight, perhaps in a safe or locked closet
  • Don’t broadcast that you’re going out of town, either on social media, or around the house. Cancel deliveries and make sure the house looks “lived-in”

Of course, the #1, most effective tip is to guard your home or business with an alarm system! If you have one, make sure it’s armed when you leave. Protect points of entry – doors or windows – with a sensor. Use Motion or Glass Break Sensors to guard large, open areas, or rooms with lots of windows.


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