Invest in Your Security

17 May Invest in Your Security

Home protection is more affordable than ever:

Protect invaluable property as well as your family with inexpensive home security. The great thing about home security is that you are protected while physically in your home, and your property is protected while you’re not there to watch directly over it. Think of it as an investment…you can’t reduce your risk to zero, but for a small monthly fee you can substantially mitigate that risk. With Security One offering home protection nationwide, we can offer you quality service at cut-rate prices, no matter where you are in the United States.


With an expansive and cutting edge line of home security products, we can adequately cover your needs. Detect broken glass, human motion, or the opening and closing of doors and windows all controlled wirelessly by a state of the art back lit LCD Panel. The keychain remote allows for convenience, and the panic pendant ensures that are more needy clientele has the coverage and responsiveness to secure their safety and health. With all these features it’s hard to believe that Security One has such affordable home protection solutions.

All things considered, the return on investment with a home alarm makes it a no-brainer:

  • Protect your loved ones and home against intrusion
  • Improve the security of your prized possessions
  • Lower your monthly insurance premiums (up to 20%)
  • Increase equity in your home
  • Live with peace of mind

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