Intruder Threats

22 Feb Intruder Threats

Burglars usually break in through a door, since it’s the most logical point of entry (and escape). Even when it means breaking down your door, that’s what they do. Pay no attention to those crafty cat burglars in the movies, your standard burglary is a random, opportunistic occurence that is usually unplanned and poorly executed. Believe it or not, there are statistics on how and where the intruder will break in to get your valuables.

The studies shows that 57% of the time a burglar will break in through the front door or the back door of the house, and another 23% use a first-floor window – for a total of 80% selecting an access point on the ground floor. For this reason home alarm system are designed to start protection with doors, and expands to cover entry points accessible from the ground.

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