Interactive Home Security Tips

23 May Interactive Home Security Tips

Homeowners are busier than ever these days, including finding time to stay healthy and fit. The good news is that technology can help keep you organized and in control of your schedule. For instance, smart phones represent a major advance in technology, especially with the mobile apps that are proliferating for all the different platforms (iPhone, Android, and B’Berry). There’s also a lot of talk about interactive monitoring services offered by forward-thinking home alarm providers – companies like Security One. These advanced features have been constantly improved, and the best technology is the one Security One sells from In fact, in a recent press release, spelled out exactly how these advanced features can make your life easier while supporting support your goals for a healthier lifestyle, and even give you more peace of mind. Here’s their list of Top 10 Home Security Monitoring Tips. And if it appears there is a healthy theme throughout the list, that’s no accident!


1.    Develop good habits – Start off the day right by eating a nutritious breakfast and also by checking in with the home security system. Take a look through the system event history to see if any unusual events took place while you were sleeping. Also utilize additional features such as receiving local weather forecasts to help get ready for the day, and don’t forget to arm the system before heading out—or if you do forget, simply arm it from your smartphone on the way to work.

2.    Track progress – It’s painless to interact with a wireless home security system. Enjoy seeing the benefits of increased property protection right from a computer or cell phone. Check on activity at home and control the thermostat settings from the Web. Free home security mobile apps also make achieving security goals and tracking the home’s activity status even easier.

3.    Personalize routines – Wondering whether it’s time to up the temp or cool things down? Not only can users check in on home activities remotely at times that work for them (like a lunch break), but they can also manage energy usage by adjusting thermostats and even lights at home on the go with an integrated energy management solution.

4.    Go all out – Whatever security strategy you choose, kick techniques up a notch to protect a home to the fullest with varied and dynamic security solutions. Want to really be in charge of who’s coming and going at a property? Exercise smarter protection by managing unique, individual lock access codes with a home automation product offering.

5.    Be focused – Show effective security form by utilizing home security cameras placed in important areas like hallways and regularly trafficked rooms. Take a look at the action and even control pan/tilt cameras from a cell phone when away from a property. Or set up motion-triggered video clips to be sent via email or text message for increased awareness.

6.    Have a support team – Family members can serve as an energetic source of assistance. Using a security system on a daily basis is a simple habit to adopt for any family, facilitated by user-friendly web interfaces and free security mobile apps. Remind the family to stay on top of their security game by conditioning them on how to arm and disarm the security system and also how to use its interactive features using the Internet or a smartphone.

7.    Find balance – While it is helpful to diligently review home activity and manage security settings, those looking for a breather can set up schedules to automate the home and save some effort, and also energy. Have the lights turn on a few minutes before the family typically returns home at night or set the thermostat to cool down after the family leaves in the morning.

8.    Stay motivated – Once security is made a priority, add a boost with convenient alerts and reminders from the home security system. Find out when the kids got home from school with a timely text message. Or be notified when the cleaning crew arrives via email. Alerts can also be set up to be sent if the power goes out or if motion sensors are triggered.

9.    Switch it up – Speaking of motion sensors, how about trying something new? Maybe the whole family is becoming more active; instead of lying around the living room, they’re working out in the basement, cooking healthy foods in the kitchen or doing yoga upstairs. Make sure motion is captured in areas of concern by investing in additional sensors to cover key locations in the home.

10.    Get results – The true reward for a commitment to better security? Better protection. It’s as simple as that.

Active security system users should be enthusiastic about their interactive security system conveniently fitting into their day-to-day lives. They can pat themselves on the back for a quick turnaround of their accomplishments because it’s easy to log into an online security account every day and see what’s happening at home for even the busiest of people. Today is the day to adopt a more robust security lifestyle – there’s always room for improvement, but there’s no excuse for an unprotected home.


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