How Home Security Works

04 Jun How Home Security Works

Even though home security has been around for years and years, and even though systems continue to become increasingly user friendly we still come across people that are unsure how home alarms work. So today we want to give a simple break down of how your home security system works.


4 Easy Steps

  1. Activate your Security One monitoring system.
    With the simple touch of a button on a user friendly control panel, the Security One Alarm system is ready to signal unwelcome activity in your home.
  2. The alarm is sounded.
    If glass is broken, or a door has been opened, the alarm system automatically signals to the intruder that help is on the way. Knowing that he has been discovered, the intruder is likely to leave immediately. Simultaneously the system alerts Security One’s monitoring services that there is an emergency.
  3. Security One monitoring team is notified the alarm’s been triggered.
    Our operators can drill down on which device was triggered, and where the issue is, which can be invaluable information, especially in an emergency situation.
  4. An operator contacts you and the proper authorities, be it firemen, police, or EMTs.
    Security One calls you to verify there is a genuine problem, and will subsequently make contact with the right authorities once the threat is known and understood.

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