GE & Security One: Names You Can Depend On

27 Apr GE & Security One: Names You Can Depend On

Obviously you want reliable equipment you can depend on during an emergency. That why so many people nation wide depend on Security One, because we use high quility equipment provided by GE Security.


So if you’re trying to pick the best home security system for your home and family, it may help you to know a little about the equipment, and the company that makes it.


The basic components of a home security system include:

  • Security sensors – located throughout the home to detect signs of intrusion or other dangers
  • Control unit – a centralized system control through which all communication takes place
  • Monitoring center – a centralized facility to monitor alerts from your alarm system, usually 24/7, and take immediate action in times of emergency
  • Advanced features – additional equipment such as video security cameras and home automation devices now enhance many home security systems

In an emergency, an alarm system follows this chain of events:

  1. Sensors detect an issue – like a window breaking
  2. Sensors send an alert to the control unit
  3. Control unit sends an alert to the monitoring center
  4. Monitoring team dispatches the proper local authorities, as needed

If you’ve done much research on the home security market, you probably know that the industry is trending strongly toward wireless systems. Wireless technology offers many advantages and hard-wired systems are now considered “old-fashioned.” We highly recommend wireless, for the following reasons:

  • Simpler – a wireless system is easier to set up and use
  • Costs Less – no installation fee
  • Saves Time – the DIY setup takes less than an hour
  • More Convenient – you don’t have to work around a technician’s schedule, or wait for him to show up
  • Less Invasive – no strangers in your house or holes in your walls

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