Fire Alarm Recommendations

30 Apr Fire Alarm Recommendations

Most of the homes involved in annual fire statistics do not have a monitored security system, let alone fire monitoring, even though fire monitoring is one of the most important reasons to have a home alarm system in the first place. And for those with intrusion alarms, adding fire monitoring to a wireless home alarm system is such a logical course of action, it’s amazing that more people don’t do it – especially when they have children and pets.


Then again, there are plenty of alarm companies who expect you to pay a lot for the smoke & heat sensors, and who add an unnecessary surcharge to the monthly fee for a service that does not cost them any extra. The best alarm companies include fire monitoring at no additional cost to you.

Most reputable alarm companies (including Security One) recommend at least one monitored smoke and heat sensor for every system they sell. The main reason is that your standard non-monitored smoke detector is really just a noisemaker. Yes, it’s much better than nothing, and we know it has saved lives – but don’t you want to know the fire department is being summoned as soon as possible? You may be away, or – much worse – overcome by smoke in your own home. That’s when you definitely want a system that quickly and proactively reaches out the people who can help.


Security One continues to provide the latest in interactive, wireless home security, including 24-hour fire monitoring for no additional monthly fee. Just one more reason why Security One is known and ranked as one of the best alarm company in the US.

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