A Memorial Day Thank You

27 May A Memorial Day Thank You

If you are new to America and you go by what you see and hear on TV and radio, you might be convinced that Memorial Day is the one weekend a year to “ENJOY HUGE SAVINGS ON ELECTRONICS AND HOME FURNISHINGS!’

You almost never hear the words Memorial Day anymore unless they’re followed by the word “Sale”.

People always complain that we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas or Easter but unlike those examples, remembering our fallen soldiers doesn’t require you to be Christian or Jew or Muslim. Just American. Not Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, pro-war, anti-war. We should all come together on this day and remember what the holiday means and how we’re supposed to observe it.


When America was trying to recover from the Civil War, nearly every family in this country felt the direct loss. Imagine a country one fourth the size it is now and then imagine nearly 700 THOUSAND casualties. On those first few memorial days, I’m pretty sure they didn’t celebrate with hot dogs and three day weekends and a sale on video games.

In the last seven years, Memorial Day has meant something for the first time to hundreds of families. Families who’ve been through the scope of emotions that started with pride of service, fear of loss, and finally the numbing grief that the person they love is gone forever. Ask the families and they usually won’t use the word hero. Instead they’ll use words like “friend”, “brother”, “son”, “confidant”, “full-of-life”, “passionate”, and “sincere”.

Memorial Day isn’t about war or all the feelings that go along with it. It’s about individuals who chose to serve in the United States Military, they chose to follow orders and they made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedom we enjoy the other 364 days each year. Chances are there is a veterans’ cemetery within a few miles of you. You’ll find many soldiers buried there who returned from the war and lived full, productive lives. But you’ll no doubt find a bunch of headstones that tell the story of an abbreviated life. Each of those markers represents the crushed dream of a wife, a parent, a brother.


To all of those who have served, and all of those who have lost a loved one in the service of defending this great nation Security One offers a special thank you.

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