San Jose Home Security Systems

sanJoseProperty crimes such as burglary and larceny are on the rise in the San Jose area. Like most Californian homeowners, you shouldn’t take home security lightly. Every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the U.S. and burglars spend around 8 to 12 minutes in your home. This calls for investment in a San Jose alarm system to protect your home, your family, and give you peace of mind.

San Jose Home Security Systems by Security One

When you are seeking home security, San Jose residents want a solution that is reliable, effective, and affordable. Security One Alarm wants to guarantee you have state of the art protection, which is why we have partnered with GE and Honeywell. Our selection of high-quality security equipment includes:

  • -Motion Detectors
  • -Window And Door Sensor
  • -Smoke And Heat Detector
  • -Wireless Control Panel
  • -Glass Break Sensor
  • -And more!

How San Jose Security Alarm System Can Protect You?

Home alarm systems from Security One are proven theft deterrence systems that keep thieves at bay. Our monitored systems keep a watch on your home 24/7 and alert the police authorities when something goes wrong. Your San Jose home security system initiates when its sensors are triggered by actions such as opening of a window or a door. If the sensors are activated accidentally by the homeowner, there is a window of 30 to 45 seconds to deactivate the system by entering the password. If that does not happen, Security One would be alerted and we verify the break-in by calling your home or your cell number for the password. If a break-in is confirmed, we notify the police. In case of a hostage situation, a fake code can be entered by the homeowner when asked and this would inform us about the fragile situation.

Assessing Your Options – Home Security San Jose

Some neighborhoods in San Jose can be pretty risky as compared to others. You need to work on the security plan to protect your family and your home by assessing your threats. Before you opt for a security solution, you have to identify the potential threats that you face in your neighborhood in terms of crime rates, and plan for any potential dangers arising out of accidents or fire calls for improved home security and monitoring system. San Jose families deserve adequate protection and it can be ensured with a reliable alarm system from Security One.
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