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Here at Security One, our vision is to be the top choice in home security. Oakland residents can feel relieved to know that Security One is on their side with protecting the two most important assets, namely their home and family. Compare Security One to the competition, and find out for yourself why they are the best choice.

Choosing a Security Package

Homeowners have the luxury of choosing from our four distinct Oakland home alarm packages. Each one is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of any type of home and budget. Some of the unique features in each of our packages include:

  • Security Takeover – By choosing this option, you can get started with home security for less than a dollar a day! This package gives you the luxury of 24/7 home monitoring.
  • Simply Security – If this is the right choice for you Oakland home alarm, a touchscreen keypad, door sensors, and a sirenare just a few of the amazing products you will receive.
  • Energy Plus – With this option, you get all of the previous packages equipment, as well as cellular monitoring, light control, a thermostat, and Security One app access. Not to mention this package is more energy efficient.
  • Ultimate Home Security – Need that little bit extra to make sure all of your bases are covered? This package will definitely be the right choice for your Oakland security system. This package pulls out all the stops with our top of the line surveillance cameras.

The best part about each of our packages is that once you have chosen Security One, your rate is locked in forever. We guarantee that you will continue to feel safe in your home without the worry of increased rates.

State of the Art Equipment

All of our innovative technology and equipment is made with care by Honeywell and GE. Security One is dedicated to always maintaining and discovering the most break through products on the market. We want our customers to trust that we are constantly doing our best to provide them with what they need to protect their homes. Your Oakland home security service will always be in great working condition, and we have skilled technicians to make sure of it.

Getting Started with Security One

Once you have purchased the right package for you and your family’s needs, a friendly technician will come to your home at a scheduled time to install all of your new equipment free of charge. Our technicians are very efficient and professional. They will make sure that any new equipment will be installed with little disruption to your home and décor. Once it is up and running, the technician will walk you through your new Oakland security system step by step. Only when you are fully comfortable operating your equipment, the technician will leave. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything once they are gone, you may call our customer service center.

Choose Security One Today

Sign up for an instant free quote on our website today to find out what Oakland home alarm would be best for you. You will not be disappointed with what Security One has to offer. We have been proudly serving residents all over northern California, including:



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