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Palo_Alto_City_Map-300x271The current security rating awarded to Palo Alto is a “B”. Residents of the area should feel fortunate; a “B” grade signifies that your city has a crime rate that is lower than the national average. However, just like in any other city in the United States, the crime rate can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.
Some areas are safer than others. Regardless of statistics, the most important thing is that you feel safe inside your home, wherever it is in Palo Alto. Home security is likely one of your most pressing concerns if you don’t enjoy the peace of mind a a home alarm system offers.
There are many companies offering home security systems in Palo Alto, but it is important that you choose a reputable name like Security One. We have partnered with trusted manufacturers like Honeywell and GE so that we can offer our customers top of the line equipment. If you want the best protection, choose Security One for your home security system. Palo Alto residents have been choosing us for years.

Security Equipment

We can help you choose which equipment best fits your needs while also fitting your budget. Our products include:

  • *-Keychain Remote
  • *-Wireless Control Panel
  • *-Motion Sensor
  • *-Smoke and Heat Detector
  • *-Panic Pendant
  • *-Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • *-Glass Break Sensor
  • *-Door and Window Sensor
  • *-And more…See our complete line of home security equipment and select the one which suits your needs best.

When you have an alarm system installed you will benefit from 24-hour monitoring. The way it works is the system dispatches a signal to a monitoring post, and then follows a signal sent from the monitoring post back to you as well as to the police. Without the monitoring aspect of the home security system, an alarm triggered in an empty home is useless.  A home security system with 24–hour monitoring the best home security solution. Contact Security One, and ensure your peace of mind today.
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