Florida Home Security Systems

We pride ourselves on providing the best home alarm system in Florida. With innovative and quality equipment, homeowners can feel safe sleeping at night or leaving their homes vacant. Security One is proud to offer a trustworthy home security system to the residents of Florida.

Why Choose Security One?

Each of our Florida customers receives a professional installation when they purchase a new home security system. Security One technicians are responsible, fast, and knowledgeable. The technician will educate you on your new equipment and how to properly use it. Learning how to operate a new home alarm may feel overwhelming at first, but you will quickly see how user-friendly our system is.

Security One uses advanced wireless equipment, which allows for minimum disruption to your home, furniture, and décor. Floridians can enjoy their new home security system without a lot of tacky, visible components.

Quality Florida Home Security Equipment

Security One is committed to providing quality service and equipment to its customers. Offering a wide variety of innovative technology, you can feel safe and in control of your wireless security system. With top of the line equipment, we offer the best Florida home security systems:

  • Wireless control panel – User friendly control system featuring a no button interface screen, and chime features for monitoring opening/closing of doors and windows.
  • Keychain remote – Small, portable device that allows for simple arming and disarming of alarm system.
  • Glass break sensor – Detects the sound of breaking glass 20ft in any direction. A great addition to door and window sensors.
  • Motion sensor –  These sensors can cover an area up to 30×35 ft and are conveniently pet friendly.
  • Door and window sensor – Small, wireless devices that are able to detect the opening/closing of windows, drawers, cabinets, doors, etc.
  • Smoke and heat detector – These innovative sensors include an audible siren, temperature gauge and heat sensor.
  • Panic pendant – This unique feature is a medical alert device used to trigger a panic alarm instantly. It can also be customized to send a medical or police panic signal.
  • Carbon monoxide detector – Detecting dangerous amounts of CO2 gas, this device monitors your home 24/7.
  • And so much more!

Choose Security One for the Best in Florida Home Alarms

With the wide variety of user friendly equipment that Security One offers, our alarm monitoring service ensures optimal protection and comfort in the home. Each technician will personally walk you through the operation of the control panel and so that you are certain you understand how to manage your new state-of-the-art security system. Once you experience all that your Security One alarm offers, you will see why we are the best home security system Florida offers. We have you covered all over the state, including:



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