I was billed by my previous service provider and was told you would cover it. How do I get this reimbursed to me?

You’ll need to call in to speak to a customer service representative (888-584-5152). Please be sure to have your passcode handy as they will ask for it for verification purposes before any changes to the account can be made.

How do update my billing information on my account? I need to have my bill go to a different address than the system is set up at.

If you need to update your billing address on your account, you’ll need to call in to speak to a customer service representative (888-584-5152) and inform him of the changes that you would like to make. Please be sure to have your passcode handy as they will ask for it for verification purposes before any changes to the account can be made.

Can I be on Direct Invoicing monthly?

Unfortunately we only offer quarterly invoicing. In an effort to save on paper, stamps, and envelopes we decided that this would be the most cost effective approach for us and the customers. However, we do offer monthly automatic payments via Credit Card or ACH if you’d rather pay monthly.

What day of the month will I be charged?

We charge accounts every 5th day. So if you were installed on the 2nd, then your bill date will be the first, if you signed up on the 9th, your bill date will be the 5th, if you signed up on the 11th then your bill date will be the 10th and so on.

Can I pick a date for my payments to come out on?

Yes! We are always more than happy to work with you in setting up a date that bests fits your needs. You’ll just need to call in to request the date that best fits your payment schedule, either the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th.

Can I pay my bill online?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have this option available, but are working on making this an available feature in the near future. Hang tight…it’s coming.

May I postdate payments?

Unfortunately, we are not able to postdate payments, however, if you are currently able to select one of the following payment dates 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th to best fit your need.

If my system has been down due to some kind of equipment failure on Security One’s part, will I be able to get credit for the down time?

First, we sincerely apologize if there has been any equipment failure on your system. We strive to avoid any and all issues that may arise with our systems, however we understand that issues will arise and when they do we will do our best to help in getting it resolved ASAP. In order to take care of the issue in a timely manner we would like to be notified ASAP of the issue occurring, to do so, please call into our tech support line at 888-584-5152 where they will be able to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose the issue arising and get a technician scheduled to go out there at his first opening that works with your schedule. Any time that your system is not functioning due to equipment malfunction it is 100% refundable and you will be issued a credit for the down time. Some restrictions may apply.


If you have any questions regarding your security system please call in to our technical support team at 888-564-5152.

Unfortunately, because our company uses a wide variety of panel types to monitor your home or business, we need you to call in and speak to a representative who has this information available to him and will better be able to assist you.


I’m moving in a few weeks, what is your move policy?

First, if you would like to transfer service to your new home and your system is a wireless system you can have it pulled and reinstalled into your new home. If you are unsure if you system is capable of being moved, please call into customer support (888-584-5152) and they’ll be able to assist you. Also, please keep in mind that If you are within the first year of your service agreement with us, there will be a $99 move fee. Secondly, the new homeowner has an option of taking over your account, you’ll need to call in to speak to a representative for more details about this.

How do I find out if I qualify for a deduction on my home owner’s insurance?

First you’ll need to contact our customer support team and request a ‘Certificate of Installation’, which we fill out and can either send to you or to your insurance company on your behalf. Once the insurance company receives the Certificate they’ll be able to apply those savings to your account. Security One does not make any claims as to the amounts that you will save on your home owners insurance due to the many variables that each insurance company uses to figure that amount out. Please contact your insurance company for any further details.

I’m upgrading my phone line to a different provider or to a VOIP system, will my system be effected by that?

Most likely yes. Most system that are connected to a land line and are changed to a certain digital, fiber optic, and/or VOIP lines will not be able to communicate with the monitoring station after you change. If you are changing phone lines, you are required to notify Security One of the changes so we can better determine the upgrade your system will require and the cost should it become effected by the changes made. We always recommend all of our customers to test their system monthly to make everything is working fine.

What does the “Life time service plan option” or warranty cover?

The life time service plan option will cover the cost of the technician to go out there to service your system (trip/labor costs), the cost of any equipment that is faulty, and batteries. It does not cover any damage done to equipment due to renovations, kids, wear and tear, or any accidental damage done by individuals, pets, etc. For more information or specific questions on this policy, please contact the customer support team at 888-584-5152. If you miss a scheduled appointment you will be charged a trip charge and $85.00 hr. Please don’t miss your scheduled appointment.

I had a false alarm and received a bill, will Security One cover this?

We do not pay for false alarm fines as a general rule, however, we do treat these case by case and will review each case to better determine the reason for the false alarm so we can make sure it is not due to faulty equipment as well as to help you in understanding what happened so it can be avoided in the future. Please contact customer support for any further questions (888-584-5152).


What cities and states do you service?

Even though our corporate headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA, we service 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Please call our sales department for more details (888) 584-5152.

Why should I choose Security One instead of ADT, BRINKS, FRONT POINT, etc. etc

Security One is a BBB member with an A rating. Unlike our competitors, Security One offers a locked in rate and a lifetime warranty. Every alarm company has an annual monitoring fee increase clause in their agreement but not Security One. Security One also offers a true lifetime warranty which includes parts & labor.


I would like to cancel my alarm system, how do I do this?

You would need to send in a written request to cancel your account after which one of our agents will contact you to verify the request and review the cancellation options with you. Please call into our customer support department for further information at 888-584-5152.

Do I need an alarm permit for my system?

This depends on your location as each city, county, and or township have different policies. Though not all jurisdiction require alarm permits, we strongly recommend you contact your local police department via their non-emergency line and inform them that you have installed a security system and inquire as to whether or not a permit is needed. If a permit is needed or if you already have a permit that you obtained with your previous alarm company, please reach out to our Customer support department so we may update your account and pass the information to the monitoring station.



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