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denverWith the crime rates as high as they are across America, home security should be a primary concern. Bars, gates, and extra locks don’t quite offer enough protection, and can be very inconvenient as well. In fact, bars can even be detrimental by preventing you from escaping to safety in case of a fire. Security One is among the most reputable Denver, Colorado security companies. The fact that they offer you the best 24 hour protection will guarantee your peace of mind. Mile High City is the most heavily populated city in Colorado. Unfortunately its property crime rate in 2009 was 14.47% higher than the national average. Of course, your home can benefit from an alarm system but they can be tacky, and cumbersome which is why we offer wireless systems with state-of-the-art features like an integrated wireless control panel, glass break detectors, panic pendants (medical alert device), etc. You can’t put a price on the safety of your family and home, but fortunately for you, Security One makes home protection affordable for Denver, Colorado residents.

Monitoring Services

High-tech home security systems are good for nothing without 24-hour monitoring. We have your back round the clock. Usually this surveillance camera is the nucleus of a home security system. In addition to standard alarm equipment, Security One can advise you on additional methods like where to install motion lights, where break-ins are most likely to occur, and how to reinforce that potential entrance, etc.

Affordable Denver Home Protection

The proliferation of all types of home security systems and the dive in the cost of technology allows us to charge the lowest prices (in real terms) in years. Consumers choose us because we deliver affordable and effective security. Denver homeowners like you benefit by protecting their homes without breaking the bank. In addition to being affordable, talk to your insurance provider about lowering your premium. Most providers offer discounts because by protecting your home with an alarm system, you have lowered their risk covering you.

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Security One proudly provides home protection all over Colorado, including Denver, Boulder, Colorado Sprinkgs, and more!

Please contact Security One if you are looking for the best in Colorado home security systems. We offer high-tech home alarm systems at modest prices. We think everyone should be protected, so we make our product affordable to all.



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