What To Look For: Part 1 Cellular Connection

10 Jul What To Look For: Part 1 Cellular Connection

When you compare home security systems, you probably notice that most companies lead with price. They all claim to have the best deal. So how do you decide who really has the best home security system? Do you simply go with whichever ad shows the lowest price tag? Or is there more to it?


This 5 part series helps you identify both the best home security system and the best home security value:

Part 1: Cellular Connection

The #1 reason to get a home security system is, of course, to keep your house safe. So our checklist for the best home security system starts with a built-in cellular connection from the home to the monitoring station. This feature is paramount to your safety. Traditionally alarm systems have connected using your home phone line. There are several problems with those systems, but the worst issue is unreliability. Burglars quickly learned to cut the wired phone connection before breaking in.


Today the industry acknowledges that cellular is safer, because it is unaffected by wire cutters, weather or power outages. Cellular connections also protect households that don’t have a land line. So it’s surprising that many alarm companies still base their system on that old-fashioned land line solution. In some cases, these companies offer cellular as “back-up,” but here’s the catch: they charge extra for it! Suddenly the “great deal” they were advertising doesn’t sound so great.

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