The Monitoring Center

23 Sep The Monitoring Center

All security companies will point out the benefits of a monitored alarm system when it comes to protecting your home and family, but rarely does anyone actually explain the monitoring center, and what goes on there. This short series will do that.

Part 1: What Does Monitored Mean?

In the realm of home security, a monitored alarm system reports alarm and other conditions to a 24/7 operations center where highly trained individuals react and respond to these signals. That means events in the home including the following:

  • Intrusion
  • Panic alarm
  • Fire
  • Life safety (i.e. carbon monoxide)
  • Environmental conditions, such as low temperatures and flooding/water level

monitoring station operator

When an alarm incident is reported to the monitoring center, personnel in the center attempt to verify the alarm by contacting you on either of two pre-arranged numbers. This verification process reduces false dispatches, which is important. The operators will usually ask for your security passcode, to make sure it’s someone authorized to be in the home. There are three possible outcomes of the verification process:

  1. They reach you, and you tell them it’s a false alarm: no harm done
  2. They reach you, and either it’s a real alarm event, or you cannot be sure: in those cases, they dispatch the appropriate authorities
  3. They cannot reach someone with the security code for your alarm system: they will then dispatch the appropriate authorities

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