The Monitoring Center Part 4

07 Oct The Monitoring Center Part 4

All security companies will point out the benefits of a monitored alarm system when it comes to protecting your home and family, but rarely does anyone actually explain the monitoring center, and what goes on there. This short series will do that.

Part 4: In-House or Outsource?

Some alarm companies have their own monitoring centers, and some use a third party that specializes in monitoring. Both solutions work, and I have used both approaches over 25 years in the industry.


The third party companies have a lot to offer versus the in-house center: monitoring is all these centers do, so they tend to be really focused and good at it.

Third Party Monitoring centers on average all across the country have a much faster response time, which is extremely important, especially in an emergency situation when every second counts. Again this is because third party monitoring station focus on the only job they have, monitoring your home alarm system!

It’s really not that complicated – especially when you are working with a company that is willing to explain everything up front, and that stands behind their products and services. That’s our approach at Security One: we want to equip you with the latest and most complete information so you can ask the right questions when you are shopping for peace of mind. The more you know, the better and the more prepared you will feel to make the right decisions.


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