The Monitoring Center Part 3

02 Oct The Monitoring Center Part 3

All security companies will point out the benefits of a monitored alarm system when it comes to protecting your home and family, but rarely does anyone actually explain the monitoring center, and what goes on there. This short series will do that.

Part 3: Which is Better?

Most alarm companies like to brag about their 24/7 monitoring center: each center is faster, better, more secure, more responsive, more reliable than the next – you’ve probably seen the ads, or heard the pitch.


So it’s worth learning what really matters in monitoring, and what separates the good from the bad, when it comes to who is responding to your alarm events. There are several points of differentiation, and here’s what they are:

System redundancy – The point here is twofold: how many centers a company has backing each other up, and how robust is each center’s infrastructure. Redundant primary and backup power, telecommunications (access & carriers), web access, servers, even backup HVAC contribute to providing flawless response.

Training and employee retention – What caliber of operator is hired, how well are they trained and managed, and how long do they stay? Even with the best technology, it is ultimately people who are verifying alarms and dispatching the authorities.

Experience and track record– It takes a center time to learn how to monitor well. The best centers have been around for a while, have perfected their hardware and software, and know how to react efficiently and effectively. You will know when you are talking to a good center – and it won’t take long for them to call, after the alarm event.


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