18 Nov Interactive Features Part 5: Smart Devices, Smart Protection

Thanks to our busy lifestyles, most of us do not spend a ton of time at home. Even on the weekends, we often have plans that prevent lounging around all day. And this is a cause for concern when it comes to home security. Long days out of the home equate to an empty home, leaving it vulnerable to undetected break-ins – unless it’s protected by a home alarm system.
In this series we discuss a number of ways to keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are through interactive features that come with the Security One home alarm system and alarm.com.

Interactive Features Part 5: Smart Devices, Smart Protection



Home automation is the talk of the tech industry these days, but Security One has been taking advantage of it since the company’s inception. And while home automation is generally regarded as a way to make life easier, it can also help protect your home.


Automated lights are especially useful since lights act as a burglar deterrent. Burglars don’t want to be seen, so have your lights turn on at scheduled times to ward off potential burglars.


Just because you’re not home does not mean you can’t keep it safe. Security One’s interactive features are easy to use and give you the means to watch over your home at any given time, bringing your home security to a whole new level and making sure you have peace of mind.

For more information on how Security One can service your home security needs giving you and your family peace of mind visit us online at securityoneonline.com or call us toll free at 888.584.5152. “Your Security, Our Priority”

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